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Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics & License Issues

Kerstin Walker Sutton PLLC is available to consult on professional ethics, conduct and licensing matters. Most ethics situations are unique and very fact-specific. It is almost always helpful to get a fresh perspective from outside counsel. This is never as true or as important as it is when you face potential disciplinary action and your very career is at stake.

Hire a firm whose attorneys are known for their integrity and creative advocacy skills at every level of the North Carolina judicial system and with legal counsel for licensing agencies across North Carolina.

Kerstin Walker Sutton PLLC has spent years building a reputation for being knowledgeable in the law and aggressive for our clients. Using those skills along with our ability to establish relationships with legal counsel is a crucial combination when it comes to successful communications with those offices to talk about resolving your matter and potentially protecting your future.

Call Kerstin Walker Sutton PLLC at 919-617-0009 or send a confidential email through our Contact page to discuss your situation and to see how our firm may be able to help. We know preserving your record and reputation is important to you. It’s also important to us.

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